Who is the wet wipe fairy?

The “Wet Wipe Fairy” is a legendary creature that we have never actually met, but as drainage engineers, we know that she almost certainly exists.

The Wet Wipe Fairy visiting homes across London
The Wet Wipe Fairy visiting homes across London

What does the wet wipe fairy do?

She is very naughty. Apparently, when people are fast asleep, she uses her magical powers to sneak into the pipes at the back of your toilet.

Then with a quick wave of her magic wand, wet wipes suddenly appear and block the pipe. She has also been known to use cotton balls and ear buds.

How do we know the wet wipe fairy exists?

When a drainage engineer comes out to clear a blocked toilet, the most common reason for the blockage is a bunch of wet wipes stuck in the pipe.

We know that the Wet Wipe Fairy has put them there as the householder doesn’t put them down the toilet and doesn’t even have them in the house.

We definitely don’t put wet wipes down our toilet. I have told the girls to put the wipes in the bin and not down the loo. So it wasn’t them…

How else could the wet wipes have got there?

Mrs W. Jones (living with two teenage daughters in Twickenham, West London)

The wet wipe fairy strikes again.

Are there other fairies blocking our drains?

Not a fairy as such, but there is the Grease Goblin.

He is not visible to the human eye, but we have seen evidence of his bad behaviour numerous times as we have unblocked drains at catering establishments across London.

So, what does the Grease Goblin do?

He won’t come to your home, but in the middle of the night, he visits kebab and chicken shops, pizza, chinese and indian takeaways all over London.

He sneaks in when all the staff have gone and pours fat down the drain.

The irony is that the naughty Grease Goblin only ever visits take away shops that are 100% certain that they have never put fat or grease in their drain.

All my staff have all been trained and they know they must never put fat in the drain. I know that 100%.

Could the fat and grease have come from somewhere else?

Mr A. S., owner of a fried chicken shop in Islington, London N1

The Grease Goblin has been at it again!

What if they have been to your home or shop?

If you have ever had a visit from the Wet Wipe Fairy or the Grease Goblin, please call 020 8168 2345 or email for advice.