Do you have a blocked toilet in London?

A blocked toilet is not very pleasant at any time. However it often seems to happen at the worst possible moment, on a weekend or bank holiday, or when you have guests coming around.

Blocked toilets cleared fast

Limehouse Drains offer a quick response to clear blocked toilets for commercial and residential customers across London. Our drain engineers will unblock a toilet and get it flowing again.

24 hour call out for a blocked toilet in London

A lot of drain companies in London say they are 24/7, but give them a call out of hours and no one answers. We will answer your call, day, night or at the weekend, and come to your rescue.

Where is my toilet blocked?

The blockage might just be excess toilet roll in the pipework or trap at the back of the toilet. Alternatively it might be backing up from a blockage further away in a nearby drain or rmanhole.

Competitive prices for blocked toilets in London

We can't compete with drain companies in London who claim they can clear a blocked toilet for just £30. However we offer a fair price and all costs are confirmed up front, with no surprises.

Do your London engineers just unblock toilets?

Whatever your problem, whether it is a blocked toilet, sink, shower or bath, we have engineers across all of London who can come to your rescue, with the latest cctv cameras and equipment.

What is the strangest thing we have found in a toilet?

When we unblock a toilet in London, the reason is quite often just too much toilet roll, however we have come across children's toys, nappies, cat litter, mobile phones and even false teeth.

So what am I allowed to flush down my toilet?

It is not a very long list: pee, poo and loo roll. However, the list of what you are NOT allowed to flush down the toilet is a bit longer: wet wipes, kitchen roll, cotton buds, tampons or condoms.

Even toilet roll can block your toilet if too much of the quilted variety is used at any one time.

Who do you unblock toilets for in London?

We regularly work for both commercial and domestic customers across London, clearing blocked toilets in terraced properties, apartments, schools, offices, cinemas and retail units.

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If you need help with a blocked toilet in the London area, please call 020 8168 2345 or email or complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch.

Clearing blocked toilets in London

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What areas of London can we come out to clear a blocked toilet, bath or sink?

Our engineers can come out to clear a blocked toilet for commercial and domestic clients, across all of London from Hackney in East London to Chiswick in West London, from Clapham in South London up to Wembley in North London, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
If you have are having problems with a blocked toilet and are looking for a London drain company, call Limehouse Drains on 020 8168 2345 today for expert advice and a FREE no-obligation quote!