Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions we get from our London customers about clearing blocked drains, toilets and sinks, drain responsibility, cctv drain surveys and drain repairs.

Can you come out to clear a blocked drain on a Saturday?

Yes, we have engineers in London on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Someone will always answer the phone whether it is an evening, weekend or even a bank holiday. If it is an emergency blocked drain that can't wait until Monday, one of our drain engineers can attend.

Do your drain engineers cover of all London?

Yes, they do. We have drainage vans across all of the London Boroughs, from Croydon in the South to Enfield in the North, and from Hillingdon in the West to Havering in the East of London.

Do you carry out drain surveys or drain repairs at the weekend?

Most of our cctv surveys and drain repairs take place Monday to Friday. However, some of our customers in London prefer to have their drainage work scheduled for the weekend, as they may be at home or their business premises might be quieter. We can work when it suits you.

Will Thames Water come out to clear a blocked drain?

It depends on who is responsible for the drains. As a general rule, if drains are on your property and not shared, then it is down to you. Any drains off your property are not your responsibility. A shared drain in London is the responsibility of Thames Water, who will clear it FREE of charge.

How do I make payment?

You can pay cash to your drain engineer, or call our London office to pay by BACS or card.

Can you help to stop rats entering my home?

Most problems with rats entering properties in London are caused by problems with drainage. Rats enter through cracked pipes, redundant or displaced drains. We can carry out a full cctv drain survey, to identify any issues, which would allow rats out of the sewers into your home. Our survey report will list any defects, with recommendations for drain repairs to stop the rats getting into your property. We can also install steel rat blockers into the line from the sewer.

Can't I just clear the blockage with a chemical drain cleaner?

Chemical drain cleaners do have a limited use. They might clear a small amount of hair clogged in your sink or bath, however they can damage pipes, are dangerous if incorrectly used and are bad for the environment. They could not clear a blocked manhole. Drain engineers always use mechanical methods, whether it is using drain rods, drain snakes or high-pressure water jetting.

Can you repair drains without the need for excavation?

We offer our customers in London "no dig" repair services such as re-rounding, drain patches and drain lining. These are used where possible, rather than more costly drain excavation.

Should I get a cctv drain survey for a house that I am buying?

A pre-purchase drain survey is a must for any London homebuyer. Any defects found can either be repaired on the seller home insurance or maybe used to reduce the purchase price. You can then move into your new home knowing that you will not have any unexpected drain problems.

Do you offer pre-planned maintenance for hotels and restaurants?

We regularly carry out Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) work for a range of commercial clients in London including colleges, retail units, hotels, bars and restaurants. What business would want to be without toilets or have to close because of a blocked drain on their busiest day?

I am building an extension. Do I need someone to locate my drains?

If you are building an extension to your London home within 3.0m of a public sewer, or within 1.0m of a public lateral drain, you'll need the approval of Thames Water. Drain tracing will show you the exact location and depth of the drains to help you submit your build over agreement.

Do you carry out drain testing?

If you are building an extension or a new build, Building Control for your local London Borough will require all new drainage to be drain tested, before your building work can be signed off.

If you can't find the answer to your question?

If you have a drain related question in the London area, please call 020 8168 2345 or email or complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch.

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What areas of London can we come out for blockages, surveys or repairs?

Our engineers can offer a complete range of drain services across all of North, South, East and West London from Stratford in East London to Ealing in West London, from Bromley in South London up to Hampstead in North London, not forgetting Central London.
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