Do you need a drain relining in London?

If you have been advised to have a patch or a liner to repair your drain, Limehouse Drains can help. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to line or patch your pipes or drains.

What is drain lining?

Drain lining involves lining the inside of a drain with a polymer lining which then bonds to the inside of the pipe. It repairs any cracks by building an extra pipe within the existing drainpipe.

Why might you need drain lining?

A patch or liner can be the perfect solution to the following drainage problems:

  • Root ingress
  • Cracked or broken pipes
  • Pipe disjoints

How does drain lining work?

The drain liner is a felt tube with a thin plastic coating on its outer wall. Resin is poured into the tube and the liner is then 'wetted out', soaking the resin throughout the length of the liner.

The liner is then inserted into the defective drain and inflated. This holds the liner to the wall of the host pipe. The resin then cures, forming a pipe within a pipe. Easy for our lining experts.

Why not just do a drain excavation?

An excavation can be disruptive, take much longer and is invariably more costly than patching or drain lining. A prime example of this would be a cracked drain running underneath a property.

In this case a dig up would be hugely expensive, messy and could risk damaging the structure of the property. Whereas a drain liner could be installed, done and dusted, within half a day.

Will a drain liner repair a collapsed drain?

There is always a point where a drain is so badly cracked or the disjoint is so severe that drain lining or patching is no longer viable as a repair option. You will then have no choice but to dig.

What is the difference between a liner and a patch?

Liners and patches both follow similar principles. A liner is be used to line the entire length of a pipe, whereas patches are used to target specific problems areas, saving both money and time.

Is drain lining just a temporary fix?

A correctly installed patch or liner can be expected to last up to 50 years. The resin fibre pipe is incredibly strong once cured. This is more than comparable with the original clay or UPVC pipe.

How do I know if the repair has been successful?

Once a patch or liner has been installed, the engineer will use a cctv camera to check that the installation has been successful. The camera footage will then be emailed to the customer.

How soon can you carry out drain lining?

Some companies in London will give a cheap quote for lining, you ask them to go ahead and they give a lead time of two months. Limehouse Drains can get the work done.

How much does drain lining cost?

Limehouse Drains aim to be competitive with all quotes for patches and lining. Before you give the go ahead to another London company, call us for a quote. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Do I get a guarantee for the drain liner?

A drain liner or patch that is correctly installed can expect to last for over 50 years. Limehouse Drains offer all of our clients in London a TEN YEAR written guarantee for all lining work.

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What areas of London can our engineers carry out drain lining and patching?

The experienced drain lining crews at Limehouse Drains regularly install patches and liners to repair drains and pipework across London from Shoredich in East London to Ruislip in West London, from Beckenham in South London up to Golders Green in North London.
If you are looking for a professional drainage company in London to install drain liners or patches, call Limehouse Drains on 020 8168 2345 today for expert advice and a FREE no-obligation quote!