Do you need a drain survey in London?

We carry out cctv drain surveys across London. Whether you are buying a property and need a pre-purchase survey, or extending your home and need a build over survey, we can help.

Why might you need a cctv drain survey?

These are the five most common reasons for having a cctv drain survey in London.

  1. Buying a house
    CCTV drain surveys are vital for London homebuyers before purchasing a new property.
  2. Extending your home
    A pre-build survey will show the condition of the drains before carrying out building work.
  3. Problems with rats
    Drain surveys can identify cracks or defects where rats might access your London home.
  4. Persistent problems
    If a drain keep reblocking or your drain always smells, it is time for a cctv drain survey.
  5. Subsidence issues
    Drain surveys can find leaking drains that could cause subsidence at a London property.

Pre-purchase drain surveys in London

Drain surveys are one of the most important things to do before buying your new London home. They can identify any potential problems that might affect the structure integrity of the property.

Unfortunately, some London homebuyers only find out their drains have structural defects once they've actually moved in and then have to pay lots of money for their drains to be repaired.

A pre-purchase drain survey can spot root ingress, cracked pipes or pitch fibre, giving the buyer, the opportunity to negotiate the price with the seller or even pull out of the purchase.

What is provided in a drain survey report?

The following information is provided within every survey report:

  • Invert levels of manholes
  • Pipe diameters
  • Usage of drain. i.e. storm or foul
  • Pipe material (clay, UPVC, pitch fibre etc.)
  • Direction of flow (upstream, downstream)
  • Length of drain
  • Any connections, water levels and observations within each drain run
  • Screenshots of each observation included within the report
  • Schematic site plan
  • Recommendations and costings
  • Survey footage

Our specialist report writers in our London office carefully review the footage and engineer's reports to ensure the information that we provide to our clients is of the very highest standard.

Build over drain surveys in London

If you are building a conservatory, garage or any other extension to your property in London, Thames Water will need to know, to ensure access to any shared drains is not restricted.

If you contact Thames Water, they should be able to tell you roughly where any shared sewers run. They will need to know the exact location, condition, depth and size of all drainage within 3m of the proposed extension. A build over drain survey will give you the information you need.

Problems with rats

A cctv drain survey can identify any displaced joints, broken or cracked pipes and redundant drains in the drainage system of your London home, where rats may be accessing our property.

Commercial drain surveys in London

We have carried out commercial drain surveys for housing developments, industrial estates, retail parks and hotels across London. We use a specialist crawler camera for larger pipes.

Subsidence investigation

A leaking or broken drain under your London property can lead to subsidence. A cctv drain survey can identify any defects. We can the make recommendations and quote for any repairs.

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What areas of London can our engineers come out to carry out a drain survey?

Our engineers can come out to carry out a cctv drain survey for a build over, pre-purchase, subsidence, rats or problem drains, across all of London from Upminster in East London to Greenford in West London, from Dulwich in South London up to Kilburn in North London.
If you are looking for a professional cctv drain survey and are looking for a London drain company, call Limehouse Drains on 020 8168 2345 today for expert advice and a FREE no-obligation quote!